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About Keystone Novelties Distributors LLC

Keystone Novelties Distributors (KND) is a leading retailer of July 4th novelty items. Headquartered in Denver, PA, Keystone operates nearly 450 temporary retail locations (Tents) in ten states from Rhode Island to North Carolina. Its sophisticated logistics operation includes importing and redistributing proprietary branded product and the hiring and supervision of over 500 temporary retail workers. For each retail location the company secures a lease agreement, proper government approvals and implements an optimized merchandising program. Each location also includes scheduling of supporting resources such as portable rest rooms, storage containers, generators and tent rentals.


Retail Stocker

June 2021 - August 2022 Nottingham, PA
“I really liked getting to learn and memorize the different fireworks. To put it plainly the job was just fun. You got to interact with a bunch of cool customers and organize fireworks shows for them, explain how some fireworks looked an preformed, etc.”
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