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True Kettering

The entire Kettering community is focused on shaping our culture based on a shared commitment to our new mission, vision, values and pillars of success. By sharing in a singular sense of purpose our many voices become one in pursuit of a higher goal.

We prepare students for lives of extraordinary leadership and service by linking transformative experiential learning opportunities to rigorous academic programs in engineering, science, mathematics, and business.

We will be the first choice for students and all our partners seeking to make a better world through technological innovation, leadership and service.


Pillars of Success
Optimized Growth
Global Leadership
Community Vitality
Engaged Stakeholders

Remaining True
Founded in 1919 by a group of Flint leaders with a vision for transforming the automobile industry, Kettering University today offers 14 undergraduate degrees, 5 graduate degrees, and a variety of concentrations and minors that allow us to deliver an education that couples theory and practice better than any other institution in the world.
At Kettering we are dedicated to achieving the extraordinary through technological innovation, leadership and service. Through growth, global leadership, community outreach and an engaged community of stakeholders we are achieving what we aspire to. Our every action is imbued by a set of values that foster respect, integrity, creativity, collaboration and excellence.

The more you learn about Kettering the more you understand the spirit of True Kettering – the guiding compass of everything we do.


Economic Development & Strategies Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Flint, MI
“Flexible with work schedule and explored different routes to success with the communities I worked in.”
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