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15 things learned over Internship
● Making calls to courts and attorneys to follow up on letters
● Calling clients for information regarding cases
● Receiving sent letters with invalid addresses and properly remailing them
● Filing and organizing loose papers
● Scheduling court dates
● Speaking to potential interns prior to interviews
● Finding and pulling closed files
● Being a witness in a will signing
● Sending faxes
● Publishing events on social media
● Editing and sharing newsletters
● Sending letters and newsletters to clients via mail
● Working with and assisting other interns
● Using resources and instructions available to be self-sufficient
● Writing hearing notices

Anthony Rizzo
Fifteen things I learned at this internship- by a 2017 intern

1) I was able to put into perspective the importance of client confidentiality
2) I learned that during a will signing two formal witnesses must be present
3) I learned that a state certified notary must also be present at a will signing
4) I learned the benefits of adhering to instructions as it allows duties in the office.
5) I learned that a judge must make sure the defendants are well aware of their rights.
6) I learned that the court usually has an interpreter on speed dial for language barriers
7) I learned that end of case letters has to be sent to clients in order to show them we have their best interest at heart and so they can recommend us.
8) I learned that a letter of representation lets the court know what attorney will be representing what client.
9) I also learned that the letter of representation and request for discovery precedes a court date scheduling.
10) I learned that every document we send to clients we have to keep a copy for future reference
11) I learned that in Municipal courts they have one day of the week when cases are heard and they hear more than one case.
12) I learned that proper documentation helps the office to run smoothly.
13) I learned the use of the red book or lawyer’s diary: where you find attorneys and their contact information, county information, judges and so on
14) I learned that most courts use fax to send out documents and require documents to be sent by fax
15) I learned that even if I don’t plan to purse a career in criminal law, there is so much I could learn from the field.


Volunteer Law Clerk

September 2021 Edison, NJ
“I really appreciated the opportunity to work with an established professional in New Jersey. Through Mr. Vercammen’s wisdom I now have a good sense of matters in estate, wills, probate, traffic and criminal affairs are handled by a local law firm..”
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