KBC Advanced Technologies

Process Consulting Intern

May - August 2018 • Houston, TX

What I liked

This was my first job in industry, so I really enjoyed developing a work routine. Working feels very different from study at Rice. I found that I had more of a work-life balance during my summer internship than my time at Rice. I also just like learning how to interact in a work environment. There are a lot of soft skills and interactions that you cannot learn until you get on the job.

What I wish was different

I worked for a smaller company, and they did not have a large on boarding program for all their interns like other larger companies. Due to this, I did not have a lot of knowledge about my program before I started. It would have been nice to learn more things before I started so I could be more prepared for my position. The other thing I wish was different was that I should have tried to explore Houston more during my weekends and time off. I kept saying I would do so many things, but I always got lazy in the end. Go into the summer with a calendar and trips already planned ahead so you can take advantage of all your time.


At the beginning, I did not feel like I had enough knowledge or ability to complete my project. I was really worried about failing. Just know that the employers understand that there is a knowledge gap. There are resources available in the company to help you complete your project. Be proactive and seek help.
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