KB Electronics, Inc.

About KB Electronics, Inc.

KB Electronics, Inc. manufactures and inventories over 200 different models of our off the shelf Variable Frequency Digital and Hybrid AC Drives (AC Inverters), Variable Speed DC Motor Controls, Brushless DC Drives, Battery DC to DC Controls and Triac Fan Controls.
They provide variable speed control for AC, DC, Brushless, PSC, Shaded Pole, Universal, PMSM and EC motors from sub-fractional through 10 horsepower. 115, 208/230, 400/460 VAC-50/60 Hz 1ph and 3ph input.
Our DriveSearchTM program will locate and match the best KB product to your exact requirements.
KB is an industry leader when it comes to providing Ready to Use, “Out-of-the-Box” Customized drives.


Electrical Engineering Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Coral Springs, FL
“Since KB was a smaller company, I was able to work hands-on with real projects that affected the company. The jobs I did may not have been the highest priority to the company (as they shouldn't be for an intern), but I could see the real impact that my success would have towards the company's success.”
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