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About Kate Arnold Wines

After decades of experience in the wine business, Jean Arnold decided to start his own line of wines, capitalizing on his knowledge of production, sales, and marketing within the wine industry. His expertise ranges from the corporate wine world to boutique wines. Jean and his wife, Kate, believe that in order to produce the best wines, one must find the best growing areas for each varietal. They are both committed to supporting smaller grape growers and believe in the value of family-owned farms to help create the unique consistency and high quality of their wines. Kate Arnold Wines are sourced from California, Oregon, and Washington. They are sold throughout several states across the country.


Web Designer

February 2020 Athens, GA
“Working for Kate Arnold Wines has been a wonderful experience! Jean is very easy to work for and is super supportive, kind, helpful, and understanding. He is extremely flexible and understands students' busy schedules. He is always open to helping answer questions and wants to see his employees succeed. ”
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