Kalu Yala

About Kalu Yala

Kalu Yala is a sustainable development company building a socially and environmentally responsible town in the tropical rainforest of Panama. Here, we are re-imagining what’s possible from life and designing an optimized model of living.. Our town is the home to 12 local, small businesses and an institute with 11 programs, all of which are geared towards sustainability and community innovation. The people who live and work here are brilliant, motivated, and eager to share their passions with the community and with the world.

Kalu Yala is located in the Tres Brazos Valley in San Martin County, Panama.
Our headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States at:
1000 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 620
Atlanta, GA 30339


Community Development and Education Intern

May 2018 - July 2018 San Miguelito District, Panama City
“I loved the variety of teaching in the school with the kids for half the week and then helping build a sustainable town in the jungle on the weekends.”
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