Kalinga Production Studios

About Kalinga Production Studios

Kalinga Productions is a professional film and music recording studio located in the heart of Maplewood, MO. Located in the former Smith-Lee production facility, we offer an impressive array of production and recording services, top-class equipment, and affordable rates in a historical picturesque studio.


Audio Intern

January 2023 - May 2023 Maplewood, MO
“What I liked about Kalinga Production Studios was how comfortable and relaxed the work environment was and how nice and accommodating all the staff was. I was able to sit in and assist on recording sessions and learn more about the business aspects of working in a recording studio. It was quite the informative experience. ”


January 2023 - May 2023 Maplewood, MO
“I really liked the people that work at Kalinga, the work involved of refurbishing and updating an old studio, being part of a team building a new exciting space out of something old. I had a great time learning how to produce and make more productive choices in the studio while recording and mixing. ”
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