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About KakaoZon Chocolate

Leader in the premium, single origin and organic chocolate categories. KakaoZon Chocolate is part of the growing movement towards organic, sustainable and healthy natural foods in the United States. Our organization is a great opportunity for students and recent-grads from diverse backgrounds to learn more about the organic food space and related industries in the US and abroad. You don't need to have a background in food or chocolate to come and work/intern for us!
As America becomes a country of "food deserts," and processed, unhealthy food makes up the majority of the diet, we have a desire to bring sustainably grown as well as nutrient-dense products back to American meals. At Orion Business Consulting (brand owner) our personal mission to sustainably support local farming communities in South America as well as promote health aligns with our economic mission to help consumers and other businesses take advantage of the increased need for healthy food. If any of these words rings a bell or calls your attention then send us your CV. We are always looking for passionate and smart individuals that are as committed to what we do as we are!


Marketing Intern

January 2022 - May 2022 Boca Raton, FL
“I worked at KakaoZon on the marketing team for a semester and loved it! It was a welcoming environment, filled with learning experiences, growth and encouragement. I was mostly in charge of social media content creation as well as content planning. Francisco was super helpful with getting me up to speed as well as helping me during the length of the intership. Ability to work in the office or online, which was super useful as a full time college student. I recommend working here, lovely expirience. ”

Digital Marketing Intern

May 2018 Boca Raton, FL
“I have been working with the Kakaozon's managing company, Orion Business consulting for almost 4 years. Throughout this time, Francisco has helped me expand my knowledge on marketing in a hands on setting. Each task targets a different niche of marketing, which helps me to grasp concepts to create an overall understanding of the job. Without Francisco's dedication to his internship team, learning all I have learned wouldn't have been possible! ”
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