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About Justice Policy Institute

The Justice Policy Institute (JPI) is a national organization dedicated to reducing the use of incarceration and the justice system by promoting fair and effective policies. Through research, communications strategies, relationship building and technical assistance, JPI works to inform advocates, policymakers and the media about fair and effective approaches to justice and community well-being. Since 1997, JPI has evolved into one of the nation’s most thoughtful and progressive voices for safe, equitable and healthy communities, just and effective solutions to social problems, and alternatives to incarceration that promote positive life outcomes.


Policy Research and Development Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Washington, DC
“My internship was extremely rewarding. I was hoping to familiarize myself with the general operations of a nonprofit organization and because my employer went out of his way to assign me projects from all the different departments, my experience has vastly exceeded my expectations. ”
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