JustFab, Inc.

Marketing Project Manager

June - August 2020 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

I loved being able to really be immersed into a project management role. My co-workers were so welcoming and hospitable during my time there. I truly appreciate how my supervisor was so hands on with me even though the program was virtual. She was also extremely catering to my interests and willing to show me all things associated with my position and the company as a whole. I was able to sit in on many meetings that most interns did not have access to and I learned a great deal about JustFab and its processes.

What I wish was different

Although no one truly has control over this, I wish that this experience was not virtual. I feel I was robbed of a very special in-person experience. I feel I was not able to truly connect, network, and interact through a computer screen the way I would have in person.


I would say to make the best out of every opportunity you are given. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or to stay a little after your shift to learn a little more, and participate in some meetings. Speak up. Contribute to the conversation and make that a reason why people remember you. As interns, we are placed in these positions to learn, but companies are also looking to learn from us and see what valuable college mindsets we have to offer.
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