Junior Players

Teaching Artist

June 2018 • Dallas, TX

What I liked

I loved my experience getting to work with elementary, middle school and early high school students. Many of them had never done any kind of theatre before so it was always super rewarding when a child found a love for performing and were excited to take more classes afterwards.

What I wish was different

I wish I had been able to experience the 7-14 age group as 7-10 year-olds and 11-14 year-olds as their mental developments are at vastly different stages between those ages. This meant I had some difficulty finding theatre games that were entertaining for all ages without being too complex for the little ones or too simply for the older ones.


Be sure to be on your A-game since the program is free for the children, meaning their parents might be more fickle with when they choose to bring them in during the two-week camp. Have many games planned as the children will love to play them but might get tired of some. And if it’s your first time teaching the children, bring an intern or assistant to help you since the maximum number of kids in your class(es) will be 25.
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