Julietta House Inn

Marketing Intern

January 2016 • Gloucester, MA

What I liked

I liked that it was a very hands-on experience with the owner of the business. She was very open to allowing me and the other interns to be hands-on and getting to ask questions and view all documents and everything that goes into running a business.

What I wish was different

Although the owner was very supportive of us being hands-on, she was very inconsistent. Some days the interns and I would show up and she wouldn't be there and we were unable to get into the office. She was rarely available over phone/text to get questions asked. Additionally, it was supposed to be a paid internship and at the end of the internship she decided not to pay us the full value.


I would take opportunities that are very transparent in gaining experience, however, you should get to know the supervisor better. I think that if there was more discussion I would have recognized concerns earlier in the process.
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