Joy English School

Remote English Teacher

July 2020 • Charlotte, NC

What I liked

I love teaching! The kids are Chinese students and you don't have to know the language in order to teach. I am teaching a higher level course so most of my students have a basic understanding of English. The hours are short, the pay is wonderful, and the reward is great! Joy English is a Christian school, so I get to share Bible verses and pray with my students. I have recommended this job to 3 ladies on campus in the past 2 months and all of them have been able to work for Joy English now!

What I wish was different

This is honestly a dream job. The hours are early however...not long, but as early as 5 or 6am. Sometimes it can be hard to wake up in the morning, but the kids are quick to wake you haha!


I would say to have fun, be yourself, and be as engaging as possible. This is all that's needed between a student and teacher relationship. Focus on creating an environment that the kids desire to have and allow them to interact with their classmates. I love to make my students laugh and although it is a paid and professional job, it is okay to enjoy yourself; because when you show how enjoyable learning is, they begin to see it that way too;)
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