Johnson Creek Watershed Council

About Johnson Creek Watershed Council

The Johnson Creek Watershed Council was established in 1995 by community members committed to restoring Johnson Creek, a vibrant creek with many challenges. Our mission is to promote restoration and stewardship of a healthy Johnson Creek Watershed through sound science and community engagement.



January 2018 Portland, OR
“I love the experience of combing filming and environmental education together through these events the Johnson Creek Watershed council provides. I've met many different walks of life at these events and to witness the care for the environment is amazing to see. It is even better when we get to capture it on film and tell a story to the community about it. ”
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Questions & Answers

Is there anything I should know before interviewing for a videographer position at the Johnson Creek Watershed Council?

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Just applied for a videographer position at Johnson Creek Watershed Council, so what might a work schedule be like?

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