John Lee Insurance

Data Entry Clerk

August 2023 • Richardson, TX

What I liked

The tasks you will fulfill at John Lee Insurance are incredibly fulfilling. Helping the elderly, financially disadvantaged, and those who are understandably lost navigate the insurance the world is a noble task. The culture and community are caring, free food is almost a given for every shift. John Lee Insurance also serves as a great entryway into the business world. Management knows most students working here will eventually move on to larger companies, but they are eager to give the younger generation a chance to learn the ever-important soft skills required to get business done.

What I wish was different

The delegation of tasks can be confusing and hectic at times, although it does serve as a great training ground to make use of critical thinking and quick decision-making. The organization of the office follows a similar theme, but upper management is always open to new ideas from interns who can generate realistic solutions.


If you're given the opportunity to work here or at any other small business, then now is the time to start applying what skills you've learned in college, take your theories into application!
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