Jam in the Van

Video Editing Intern

September 2020 • Santa Monica, CA

What I liked

This was an incredible experience as a remote intern! My supervisor, along with the other employees that I met, were extremely helpful, kind, and encouraging while I learned how to work in a professional environment. I always had work to do that utilized my skills as an editor, and I feel way more confident about my ability to do my job well!

What I wish was different

While I was disappointed at first that the internship would be remote due to COVID-19, it was surprisingly easy to adjust to working from home, even in a different state! I hope to still be able to move to LA eventually.


Always be available! When working as a creative team, you sometimes have to rely on others, and sometimes you're the one who needs relying on! It's so fulfilling working as a team in a creative environment.
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