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About J.G. Management Systems, Inc.

J.G. Management Systems, Inc. (JGMS), an employee owned company, is a technical and professional services firm offering services to government and private sector clients nationwide. JGMS is focused on effectively and efficiently meeting all budgetary and scheduling requirements using the appropriate tools to plan and prepare for our clients' future missions while continuing to successfully execute their current missions. We define problems through analysis, develop solutions with engineering methodologies and designs, implement solutions with program and project management, and oversee the final product with operations or construction management.

Each of the four main points of the compass (north, south, east, and west) are called cardinal points. JGMS is an organization built on people and the four principles of Stewardship, Leadership, Integrity, and Commitment. These principles are JGMS' Cardinal Points and are what guide the culture, people, and company.

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HR Assistant

July 2019 Grand Junction, CO
“I have learned so much in my time with JGMS! The company culture is great, community service is huge, and teamwork is key. ”
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