IYRS School of Technology & Trades

About IYRS School of Technology & Trades

IYRS School of Technology and Trades (IYRS) is the premier marine trades and modern manufacturing school in the country. Located on a oceanfront campus in Newport, Rhode Island, IYRS students are high school and college graduates, military veterans and career changers who all have one important thing in common They are learning the art and science of building, restoring and maintaining, working to become the next generation of fine craftspeople and technicians who will preserve our marine heritage and build our collective future.

IYRS students come from across the country and the globe for an experiential education in four accredited programs: Boatbuilding & Restoration, Composites Technology, Digital Modeling & Fabrication, and Marine Systems. IYRS offers hands-on training programs and industry certification in as little as 6 to 20 months.

Career preparation is core to the IYRS experience. Developing skill sets in the shops and classrooms is as critical as developing an informed career path and gaining real-world experience. Every IYRS student receives career planning services and a career immersive experience. IYRS programs also incorporate elements of project management, strengthening IYRS graduates’ understanding of cost and material estimates, budgeting, and other business-critical decision-making.

Career development professionals guide students throughout their career exploration and planning process including workshops, job search, networking, resume writing, and interviewing. IYRS graduates are prepared to enter a global manufacturing and maker workforce with the confidence and ability to collaborate, contribute, and lead in R&D labs, in the shop, and on the manufacturing floor.


Development Intern

April 2019 - July 2019 Newport, RI
“It was an amazing atmosphere with great people. It was a relatively small staff so it was really inviting, the staff at IYRS does a great job of making you feel welcomed and comfortable. There was not a lot of pressure on "perfection" which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to work effectively, individually and with my co-workers.”
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