Research Intern

June 2021 • Saint-Paul-lès-Durance, Bouches-du-Rhône

What I liked

Having a clearly defined task, then being given complete freedom in how I would approach it, has been a great experience in ideating, planning, managing, and executing a project mostly autonomously, while getting practice communicating results and asking for input and external resources when helpful; in that last regard, my supervisor was quite supportive. And it goes without saying that I've also learned a lot on the technical side in the process!

What I wish was different

Administration, as seems to often be the case with large organizations, tends to be quite demanding. Additionally, due to my university's travel policy during COVID-19, I was not permitted to travel onsite and conducted the internship remotely, though this was understandable (and in any case, remaining in the US worked out well, as it made it easy to visit and work with a support laboratory at ORNL.)


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