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About iTech Solutions Group, LLC

iTech Solutions, an IBM Gold Business Partner, helps you get the most performance, utilization and return on investment out of your existing or new IBM Power Systems running IBM i, while helping ensure that your critical business data is secure. Our offerings include: IBM Power Systems and Storage, Managed Administration and Security Monitoring, IBM i Cloud Hosting, OS Upgrades, PTF Maintenance, HMC and FSP Upgrades, Health and Security Assessments, HA Replication solutions, DR Testing, tape and disk encryption, Virtual Tape Libraries and more. Contact our certified sales and technical staff to learn how we can make your environment run smoothly.


Marketing Intern

August 2020 Danbury, CT
“The main thing I like about working at this company is that my role dives deep into the aspects of marketing such as social media scheduling, video editing, graphic design, and communicating in group meetings about upcoming projects. Months prior to landing the position, I wanted to learn more about video editing and to land a marketing position since I only had skills mainly in creating social media content, web design, graphic design. This position was able to teach me aspects about video editing and marketing I never knew about. One of main components of marketing I’m enjoying to learn is using HubSpot. I get to create email content, landing pages and other similar marketing related content which I never done before and it is great to know.”
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