Iowa United Nations Association

College Ambassador

June 2021 • Iowa City, IA

What I liked

I loved that we can participate in the UNA USA’s week of action where we got to speak to representatives of senators and other congress officials. I have been instrumental in creating connections between the Young Professional Commitee and my college campus to create more youth interest in UN efforts. I also helped organize the UN Day 2021 and served as panelist. I am currently in the process of organizing a human rights day event on my Luther College campus as the IUNA College Ambassador. My team and I also work on social media advocacy and initiatives in support of UN efforts.

What I wish was different

All of this was remote considering the pandemic and it’s program. In, the future I wish there were opportunities for all the college ambassadors to meet up in-person in a specific city in Iowa to host or attend an event together. I wish there was better structure what what is expected for our social media advocacy and the maintenance of different social media platforms.


I would recommend that people interested in this experience take the time to properly explore what specific parts of the UN efforts they are most excited about. I did well because my passion for migrant rights, human rights and gender equality was prominent in all my efforts through this experience. I also advice that people try to get acquainted to different social media platforms and learn what it means to do social media advocacy. These preparations will greatly help.
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