About INTRUST Bank

INTRUST Bank is a company that has built itself on the same values our founder C.Q. Chandler II brought with him to frontier Kansas. We’ve encapsulated that principled approach to business into three words: Tradition for Today. These three words embody who we are, how we’re different and what we aspire to.

From our earliest beginnings, we have known that traditional principles are the key to lasting success. We have always been innovative and growth-oriented because that’s what our customers need us to be. But at INTRUST, we grow by adhering to our principles. We believe that relying on timeless values makes us one of the most contemporary banks in business.

"Tradition for Today" is far more than a slogan. It’s a promise to our communities that the best of the past and present can come together.


Commercial Banker

March 2021 Wichita, KS
“My coworkers, the work environment is amazing. ”

401K Support Associate

August 2019 Wichita, KS
“INTRUST is a great place to work!”
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