International Children Assistance Network

About International Children Assistance Network

Our mission
To engage and inspire Vietnamese Americans to make a difference in their lives, families and communities through culturally competent social programs.

Our vision
We envision building a Vietnamese American community where everyone is Engaged, Informed, and Inspired to make a difference.

Our values
We strive to possess in our work values of compassion, commitment, excellence, diversity and innovation because we believe that these same traits are ones that are most important in building a healthy community from village to society, from childhood to maturity and from one generation to the next.


Project Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 San Jose, CA
“The people at ICAN were so supportive during my internship. I was not only able to take on the role of project manager for the ICAN Picnic Day event, but I was also able to facilitate my own presentation to the clients. The team at ICAN are also passionate about what they do and help out the Vietnamese community however they can. I truly enjoyed my experience with ICAN and hope that I will have opportunities to work with them again. ”
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