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About InterActive Academy Gymnastics

InterActive Academy is a private school (Preschool-Kindergarten)as well as a gymnastics facility. InterActive Academy offers programs to meet the needs of kids of all ages. We have Preschool gymnastics classes starting at age 20 months to 5 years and recreational programs for ages 6 to 16 years. We also have boys and girls gymnastics teams that complete within the USA Gymnastics Programs. InterActive also offers dance classes, competitive cheer, tumble classes and Taekwondo and Spanish classes. Our wonderful instructional pool offers all levels of swim classes throughout the year.
We also offer adults fitness classes as well as many day camps for children throughout the holidays.
InterActive Academy is designed so families can find something for all children to be involved in. We are growing facility within a wonderful community that promotes building healthy, fit and confident kids!

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