Intellia Therapeutics

About Intellia Therapeutics

Intellia Therapeutics is a leading genome editing company whose mission is to develop potentially curative gene editing treatments that can positively transform the lives of people living with severe and life-threatening diseases. We are focused on the development of proprietary therapeutics using a recently developed biological tool known as the CRISPR/Cas9 system. It can bring new hope and cures to people who now have nowhere to turn for help.

Beyond our science, we live our four core values: One, Explore, Disrupt, Deliver and feel strongly that you can achieve more at Intellia. We have a single-minded determination to excel and succeed together. We believe in the power of curiosity and pushing boundaries. We welcome challenging thoughts and imagination to develop innovative solutions. And we know that patients are counting on us to make the promise a reality, so we must maintain high standards and get it done.

We want all of our people to go beyond what is possible. We aren’t constrained by typical end rails, and we aren’t out to just “treat” people. We’re all in this for something more. We’re driven to cure and motivated for change. Just imagine the possibilities of what we can do together.


Screening and NGS Platform Development Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Boston, MA
“Encourage learning about the whole company, company culture is casual but focus on personal development, environment is inclusive and company has features of a big pharma company while only having 200 employees ”

Hematology Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Cambridge, MA
“Was able to work on a variety of projects and obtained many new skills. The team was very helpful and a lot of fun to work with.”
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