About Instra.AI

We are an AI software company applying our expertise in cutting edge cloud and computer vision technologies to drive optimization in medicine.

We offer 100% remote part time and full time opportunities (with the opportunity to visit our client in downtown Chicago once a month if it is convenient for you).

We have offerings across our software development technology stack, frontend, backend, ML/AI/CV, cloud computing, ect. We also have design opportunities for graphic designers and people with a background in UI/UX user testing. Furthermore we also have strategy consulting opportunities to work directly with our CEO on the vision of our company and our business development initiatives.

We have a track record of training students with an interest in AI/ML/CV/Cloud technologies and exposing them to cutting edge technologies and training programs that we have developed in house as well as through some strategic training partnerships. We will expose you to technologies and strategies that leading academic PhD and Masters students have used for their research.

We will train you to be an expert in AI/ML/CV/Cloud through our four-dimensional training program 1) hands on labs/assignments will be given to you through our training partner and assignments from our company when your capabilities are ready 2. Review documents of how our PhD students have developed our technologies and set up a questions and answer session to understand their rationale for why these are the industry standards 3. Working and review sessions of your code from our senior engineers to refine your abilities and help you grow as a developer through their one on one guidance 4. We also have opportunities for you to grow in understanding our strategy and vision, how we acquire new clients and persuade them to work with us. These skills are very applicable if you are to continue to work full time with us as well as to any technology company you may work for in the future.

We want to give you access to all the experiences that are most valuable for you and we can develop a specialized cross functional role for your specific motivations and interests.

We have developed a unique collaborative environment here at Instra.AI where we bring together many diverse backgrounds in design, consulting, business development, neurosurgeons, hospital administration, and of course software developers to develop a valuable product and iterate quickly on new concepts.

You will have the unique opportunity to work directly under our CTO and CEO with a team of 30 developers, 10 strategy consultants and 10 designers.

We work with some hospitals in downtown Chicago so if you are interested in visiting our client sites that can also be arranged.


Frontend Developer

May 2021 Grand Rapids, MI
“The atmosphere is very active, open, and encouraging. The supervisors care about everyone, the CEO and CTO are very involved and are in the 'trenches' with us. We are always encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for our projects. Any ideas that are brought up are discussed and most of the time they'll work with that idea. It's that startup vibe, where you can take on many roles and make a lot of impacts. It's very rewarding to take what I've learned from the classroom, extending that knowledge with the work I do here, and make something that affects the quality of people's lives.”

Machine Learning Engineer

August 2021 Chicago, IL
“There's a difference between taking classes and learning a whole bunch of coding for stuff like machine learning and different aspects of data science and actually being able to apply the knowledge and witness — in real time — the difference that you can make and the expertise you can bring to the table. One key aspect of this experience working at Instra.AI is how this company adds so much to my academic work and supplements what I learn in class. Then it gets taken a step further and I learn tricks and different techniques from seniors developers, stuff that I wouldn't really come across in a textbook or other academic material. I loved how connected everyone at Instra.AI is, it seems like a family. Everyone is constantly pushing you to be your best self, and it's a very wholesome environment to work in and prosper.”
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