Institute for Medicaid Innovation

About Institute for Medicaid Innovation

The mission of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation is to improve the lives of Medicaid enrollees through the development, implementation, and diffusion of innovative and evidence-based models of care that promote quality, value, equity and the engagement of patients, families, and communities.

The vision of the Institute for Medicaid Innovation is to provide independent, unbiased, nonpartisan information and analysis that informs Medicaid policy and improves the health of the nation.

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation (IMI) held its inaugural Board meeting in April 2016 in Washington, D.C. Led by its founding executive director, Dr. Jennifer E. Moore, the Institute is a 501(c)3 nonprofit research organization focused on providing innovative solutions that address important clinical, research, and policy issues in Medicaid through multi-stakeholder engagement, research, data analysis, education, quality improvement initiatives, and dissemination and implementation activities. To remain relevant and responsive to the evolving needs of the Medicaid population, the Institute seeks to understand what works well in the Medicaid program, identify areas for improvement, and disseminate innovative initiatives and solutions that address critical issues.

The Institute for Medicaid Innovation aims to be a leader in Medicaid innovation by impacting several key areas:

Improve access to quality care that positively impacts health outcomes;
Promote person-centered, family, and community integrated care;
Address social determinants of health to increase access and engagement;
Reduce disparities in access and quality of care;
Increase the utilization of value-based care;
Accelerate dissemination of innovative initiatives and evidence-based practices;
Inform policy decisions at the local, state, and federal level;
Facilitate collaboration and partnerships;
Identify areas for improvement and develop innovative solutions.

The work of the Institute for Medicaid innovation is informed, guided, and supported by an exceptional group of national experts representing academic and non-academic research institutions, advocacy and community organizations, clinician groups, Medicaid managed care organizations, state and federal policymakers, and, most importantly, Medicaid beneficiaries and their families. These experts contribute to the mission of the Institute by serving on the National Advisory Board, Dissemination & Implementation Committee, Data & Research Committee, the Best Practices Review Panel, and on funded research and quality improvement initiatives as members of project specific National Advisory Committees.


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May 2017 - August 2017 Washington, DC
“Many opportunities for professional development and networking. Working independently and with other interns gave a relaxed atmosphere.”
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