About InsiderScore

InsiderScore is the world's leading insider trading, institutional ownership and stock buyback research and analytics firm. The company's platform helps investors generate investment ideas and monitor existing holdings. InsiderScore serves hundreds of the world's most important institutional money managers.

InsiderScore has partnered with Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and FactSet to provide flexible delivery options for its clients. Its research has also been regularly featured in the WSJ, Barron's and on CNBC.

InsiderScore was founded in 2004 by William C. Martin and Russell Szurek, co-founders of, the world's first online social network built around the exchange of investment information.


Sales and Marketing Intern

October 2019 Princeton, NJ
“I like the work environment at Insiderscore, everyone is very welcoming. First days are always the most stressful, but my co-workers made me feel extremely relaxed. I also love the learning experience, I feel comfortable asking questions about anything related to the financial industry. I also like how they have been handling the work-at-home situation. It didn't feel too different from working in the office. However, I do miss seeing my co-workers.”

Data intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Princeton, NJ
“The environment ”
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