Inlet Fish Producers


May - August 2018 • Kenai, AK

What I liked

Traveling to Alaska offered a great experience working away from home. I also worked with people from an assortment of backgrounds and made friends who I still communicate with.

What I wish was different

Unfortunately there just weren't many fish this year so I didn't make much. The past season explained to me made it sound like I would be making 2x as much as working a regular job at home. I ended up making less than what I could have at home. A better explication of how volatile the season can be. Not asking for them to say some years are awful but some kind of hint that not every season has you making tons of money.


Expect to be living close with your coworkers and work long hours, pack mostly junk clothes and things you can't get at a Walmart. Everything else you can get there. And the WiFi is not guaranteed.
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