About Inkululeko

Inkululeko’s mission is to provide South African township youth with the skills, support and guidance necessary to apply, attend and succeed in university; to challenge the bigotry of low expectations for township youth; and to provide sustainable, positive change; student-by-student, generation-by-generation.

A Department of Basic Education report shows that in South Africa only 5% of students finish grade 12 by the age of 18.

We contribute to changing this in the new South Africa by meeting tomorrow’s leaders, where they’re at, today. We offer free tutoring, access to computers and the internet, transportation, exam prep, a library of text books and regular books (and snacks too!) to young people beginning in grade eight and remain with them through grade 12. We also have a social enterprise unit to support students with an entrepreneurial zeal.

Let me tell you about Asanele. He’s an Inkululeko learner who loves to talk about Albert Einstein and counts Elon Musk among his idols. Asanele is serious about science. When we took him to the National Science Festival he asked so many questions, the presenter was getting annoyed so he whispered to other people questions that he wanted to have answered -- so they could ask.

Last summer, with our help, he went – quite nervously – to a National Science Competition where he competed against other accomplished young people.

He won – big. Asanele got a four year scholarship to any institution in all of South Africa.

Each year, when Inkululeko re-opens, there are far more applicants than spots available.

We want to work with people like you to expand our capacity to serve more young people each year.

After all, we know there are more Asanele’s out there.

We’re hoping you can help us reach them.


Data Analyst Intern

May 2000 - November 2020 Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
“My internship this summer was an extremely rewarding experience. Inkululeko is a non-profit organization with goals to improve the standard of elementary education in South Africa. Due to COVID-19, I had to conduct this internship remotely. Despite this setback, I found I was still able to make a real difference. My tasks working at Inkululeko were to analyze different statistics provided to me by the organization. This was used to help the company apply for grants, something I also had the opportunity to learn how to do. I was recently informed that one of the grants I had applied for was recently accepted. This granted certain school districts in South Africa the ability to continue to conduct classes virtually to adapt to COVID-19 regulations. Overall, this experience introduced me to Grant Writing and allowed me to analyze real educational statistics in South Africa. In addition to this, my work at Inkululeko directly correlated to my major of Policy Studies. I am able to use my experience to further develop my future career, for which I am eternally grateful for. ”
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