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Amazing stories start here. But amazing stories alone aren’t enough. Getting them heard is harder than ever. The digital world is noisy and frenetic. Today, anyone with a blog and a Twitter handle is an expert, and news cycles last minutes, not days.

At Inkhouse, we take a journalistic approach to telling your story. We believe that the story should dictate the form. We might recommend the tried and true press release, but in other cases, a blog post, infographic, micro-video, or even a cartoon, will carry your story to a wider audience.

We also believe that having news is an important part of PR, but we don’t count on it. We’ll pitch your news and get it covered, but we also know how to create news when there isn’t any. And isn’t that the hardest part? Our PR programs are designed to build brands and drive ongoing interest. Give us your ideas. We’ll turn them into coverage, website traffic, and social media engagement.



July 2018 New York City, NY
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