Ingenuity Studios

About Ingenuity Studios

Ingenuity Studios is a tight-knit visual effects company located in the heart of Hollywood. Over the past 10+years we have been responsible for some of the most eye-popping, memorable visual effects for television, film and advertising.

We focus on teamwork, innovation, internal development and creativity and we believe it is our mission to set the standard for quality, speed and customer service in our industry.


VFX Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“I really liked that I learned so much about the VFX industry while I was there. I got a feel for a pipeline flow and I was able to contribute to projects that would be published in music videos and Netflix television shows. ”

CG Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Los Angeles, CA
“1) I truly enjoyed the work we did at the studio. I was able to observe various elements of the VFX pipeline and allowed to contribute on certain projects. 2) I had the opportunity to work with specific mentors on the team and this allowed me to learn and understand better of what were the current VFX practices. 3) The office culture at Ingenuity Studios is out of this world and it truly made me feel like I was at home and I truly enjoyed being part of the Ingenuity Family.”
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