Infinity CPA Group, LLC

Accounting Intern

December 2018 - April 2019 • Omaha, NE

What I liked

The staff was very friendly and willing to help when questions were asked. Being an intern, they obviously give you more of the busy work, but I thought they gave me real world experience with the work I was doing, and found it beneficial for development.

What I wish was different

One thing I wish had been different would be the daily work I was doing. While it was real world experience as stated previously, it ended up being the only thing I was doing for the most part, which some may find makes the day drag.


Go in to it with the attitude that you want to learn, and they people at Infinity will have no issue helping you along the way. They enjoy teaching the process to their new employees/interns, and also show you what you did wrong and explain how it should be done, making it feel like your not walking on eggshells with your performance.
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