About IncredibleBank

At IncredibleBank, we’re a different kind of bank. The coffee’s hot, the popcorn’s fresh and the positive customer interactions are always genuine. We only hire incredible staff willing to go above and beyond to deliver incredible service. Sometimes that simply means opening doors, cracking a joke or lending a helping hand. Most often, it means helping customers reach their financial goals.

How do we do it? We’re all about I.C.E. (Incredible Customer Experience). I.C.E. simply illustrates the core values that drive everything we do—how we conduct business, treat each other and continuously strive for the ultimate in customer-focused banking. Our core values have been in place for more than 50 years and continue to influence every aspect of our operation today.

The first River Valley Bank opened in 1967 in Rothschild, Wisconsin. The bank’s impressive commitment to business banking attracted Ron Nicklaus, the nation’s largest green bean farmer. In 1983, the Nicklaus family purchased River Valley Bank and, like a well-nurtured crop, cultivated it into one of the largest locally owned financial institutions in Wisconsin.

Today, the bank has 15 locations, offering various employment opportunities in North and Central Wisconsin, plus Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. in 2019 the bank changed names to IncredibleBank to align with the customer service philosophy and core values.


Deposit Operations Intern

June 2019 - September 2019 Wausau, WI
“Pay, environment, experience ”
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