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About Imagemakers, Inc.

What does success mean to you?
Higher revenue? Increased sales of a specific product? Breaking into a new market?

Whatever your dreams and goals may be for your organization, we want to help you make them a reality. That's why we focus on listening, more than talking. We want to know your dreams and your goals so that we can help you communicate and succeed.

In over 15 years of business our priority, and greatest incentive, has always been success for our clients. We believe our clients not only appreciate that, but also benefit from it, since most of our new clients have been referred by existing ones.

Imagemakers was founded during a recession, and we quickly learned what it meant to work hard. Our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in the kind of web development, graphic design, and advertising efforts that get results. We draw on diverse backgrounds from ad agencies large and small, cities across the US and a wide range of international travel experiences. In fact, everyone on the Imagemakers' team is encouraged to visit a different culture every year to gain a new perspective about how others see the world. We believe the benefit of our willingness to get out of our comfort zone results in learning new ways to communicate and understanding different points of views. That allows us to hone our listening and observational skills so we can be a better partner in helping you identify your goals and in working to help you then meet, and exceed, them.

We're not the only ones receiving recognition for our work. Our clients also win awards for the work we do for them. This pleases us, but we believe, however nice awards may be, creating and sustaining results for our clients is even better!

We also have other members of our team – our freelancers. In fact, we wouldn't be able to produce the quality, or quantity, of work we do without our extensive network of talented freelance writers, designers, programmers and developers, actors, musicians, video post production specialists and others.

Honestly, we feel fortunate in that we have found the best of the best to work with us on projects and consider each one a valuable and esteemed member of the Imagemakers team. And by using the talent and expertise available from our freelancers we are able to create the perfect team to help us meet the individual needs of our clients, no matter what those needs may be.


Assistant Project Manager

August 2018 Denver, CO
“I enjoyed the culture at Imagemakers. They truly believe in their work and building up their employees. They are all creative directors who value the work they do and it’s amazing to be apart of that atmosphere! ”
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