Image Nation Abu Dhabi

Documentary Coordinator intern

June - July 2019 • Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate

What I liked

The working environment at Image Nation was both welcoming and motivating, in that everyone had a role to play and is both acknowledged and trusted with their roles, including the interns. Additionally, despite working with a specific department, it was easy to approach other members from other departments whenever I was curious about their experiences.

What I wish was different

I wish that there was more that an intern could be entrusted to work on, particularly in the documentary department. Despite there being less or more work at any given time due to the flexible nature of documentary filmmaking, exposing an intern like myself to general aspects of the job such as budgeting could have gone along way in enriching my skills. However, when I did ask for such specific details myself, the team was always willing to help, which is commendable.


It is all down to proactivity. I was still able to ask questions about budgeting myself, and offering a hand in everything there was to be done. Do not hesitate to ask questions, even in meetings that may appear intimidating, because that is how I learnt about other aspects of filmmaking that were not always directly related to documentary production.
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