Illinois Restaurant Association

Special events intern

January - September 2017 • Chicago, IL

What I liked

This was my first internship or real world experience in the event planning industry. Since the Restaurant Association is a non-profit, I learned a lot because I had to allocate my resources and think outside of the box to help the company save money. It was very hands on, and whenever I couldn't find an answer to something I would use my resources and try to figure it out myself before asking for assistance. Which is the real world I can't have someone hold my hand every step of the way. So I like feeling important and helpful in regards to bringing new ideas to the table.

What I wish was different

I wish it was a little more organized. Non-profits the employees work hard, but don't get compensated as much as they maybe should. So sometimes the company morale would be very low, which made interns fearful to ask questions.


All those future interns out there. I would recommend to never complain, and be willing to do anything you're asked. sometimes the tedious Tasks they may ask you seem pointless, but you will shortly realize that it was necessary for the event. Seeing your work go into the final product is so rewarding. So keep your head up, and don't be scared or think you're doing pointless things. Take it all in!
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