ICAN - Integrated Community Alternatives Network

Evelyn's House Intern

July - August 2020 • Utica, NY

What I liked

I enjoyed getting to work with my great coworkers and learning about what work in a women's shelter is like. I got to help out with the residents and their children, and make a comprehensive document of community resources for the organization to use.

What I wish was different

There was not always a lot for me to do because the shelter was not very busy over the summer. It would have been nice to have more direction or more projects to work on.


Don't be afraid to apply for opportunities you're interested in, and then to follow up and stay in communication with the organization. In my application process for this internship, I hadn't gotten a response to my email for a while, so I sent another one and job an offer back. Then during the summer, I had to stay in regular communication with my internship supervisor while we negotiated how I was going to come back from quarantining at home to do a shortened internship. Reaching out is so helpful!
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