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The Illinois Biological Foundry for Advanced Biomanufacturing (iBioFAB) team works to rapidly advance genetic engineering and synthetic biology through the use of automation techniques. The Illinois Biofoundry is a robotic system contained within a sterile enclosure and is capable of working with bacterial, fungal, and mammalian cell cultures. These types of platforms are extremely rare worldwide and the iBioFAB has established itself as a world leader in the new field of automated biology. Techniques developed here will be integrated into industrial processes within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical industries.

The team has established members with strong backgrounds in biology, but is hoping to expand and further customize its automation capabilities by recruiting engineers and computer scientists. Interested parties can apply for our open positions listed on handshake or contact us directly at . Only a few platforms similar to the iBioFAB exist worldwide and we are looking to recruit passionate engineers wanting to learn more about state-of-the-art genetic engineering.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

May 2018 Champaign, IL
“I work with Professor Randy Ewoldt in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Illinois and am a Research Assistant helping uncover newfound knowledge on yield-stress fluids through iterations of impact-test experiments with different weight percentages of laponite in water and data collecting/analysis through the use of a rheometer. The purpose is to understand the rheological characteristics of this material and clearly define the effects an unaged and aged sample of laponite has upon impact of a coated surface; all this with the goal to implement our findings into fire extinguishing applications with this material. I really like the people that I work with and with the graduate student I work directly with. I've learned so much about rheology and yield-stress fluids and have been given multiple responsibilities where I can experiment on my own. I was also tasked with orchestrating and directing high-speed video recordings of the experimental findings which have since been submitted to the Gallery of Rheology Contest. These findings will be presented at this year's Society of Rheology in Texas.”

Research Fellow

June 2018 - July 2018 Urbana, IL
“The opportunity to conduct my own research with guidance from faculty and graduate students and to learn about conducting research and graduate school. ”
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