Account Management Intern

June - August 2022 • Westchester, IL

What I liked

The experience I gained while working as an intern was tremendous. Definitely a major highlight of the internship. The team I work with is amazing and I am glad that I have been allowed to continue to work part-time.

What I wish was different

Communication between the internship leader and my supervisor along with empty promises were the only negatives. Many times my supervisor would not know what I was doing in the internship with other interns, and schedules would get mixed. Many events were planned for us as well but did not occur, and it seemed that they were rushed to get them in, since sometimes it seems the places we visited did not even know we were coming. Definitely seems they needed to approve these planned events much more in advance, along with improving communication


Definitely apply to work as an intern at IAA. Great company, great environment, and there are other interns as well to talk to and build bonds with
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