i9 Sports NE Ohio

Marketing Intern

October - December 2021 • Hudson, OH

What I liked

There are many aspects of this internship that made this a great experience. - Empowerment - Casual and relaxed setting - Projects & tasks given - Openness to new and creative ideas The team at the I9 sports office are great and respectful. I had a wonderful experience working with Joey and Ashley. Both of them were great mentors and provided a lot of constructive feedback . I really liked how this position allows you to empower yourself to complete tasks while being open to new and creative ideas. The office is very casual and chill which makes you feel at home.

What I wish was different

Just a touch more on the direction of tasks. Other than that, it was good!


One word of advice: Have a positive attitude and be hungry for success. By applying these two things, you will definitely see the impact you make at I9.
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