About Hydropore

Drones have a battery problem and can only fly for short periods. Hydropore's hydrogen fuel pellets for drones triple currently available flight times. Hydropore's product is the single-use fuel, made from patented nanoporous aluminum. We're targeting the US Agriculture Sector with multiple markets to follow. A spin out of the University of Pennsylvania's Material Science and Engineering labs, we have offices and labs in Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Business Development Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Philadelphia, PA
“I really liked working at Hydropore because it is developing a very exciting new hydrogen storage technology. This technology could revolutionize the multi-billion drone industry and help it achieve zero emission. I worked as a summer intern on the team and I was able to get a lot of face time with the CEO and the founders. It had a very flat structure where everyone's voice was weighted equally. I was spearheading the effort on government grant application and market due diligence. By the end of my two months there, I felt I made meaningful contribution to the company. The company is fast growing. Would recommend for both internship and full-time employment”
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