HW Creative Marketing

Video Production Intern

January - April 2017 • Athens, GA

What I liked

The HW Creative Marketing office is located in downtown Athens, and is very close to the UGA north campus. I liked how I could simply walk there after class. You work on real projects for real clients.

What I wish was different

The projects were highly unstructured, and sometimes it was hard for me to know what was going on. The project management definitely needs some improvement. I always had multiple projects going on at the same time, mostly without deadlines; but, this fast-paced nature is typical for an agency setting. I never did any writing, but a few other interns had mentioned being displeased from staff changing their names on blog copy, taking ownership of it as their own.


It was truly a great experience, and you get a feel for what it's like to work for an agency. Also, be prepared to work for free.
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