Hutchinson Fluid Management Systems

About Hutchinson Fluid Management Systems

As a designer of hose assemblies and tubing, Hutchinson is an acknowledged fluid transfer specialist for the automotive sector.
Complex Systems
Hutchinson designs, in collaboration with its clients, complete systems that associate connectors, inserts, connection components and, more recently, electronic components such as sensors for temperature, pressure, and others.

The complexity of creating fluid transfer systems designed for the automotive industy continues to be a strong focus for OEMs.
Innovation that enhances performance and protects the environment
Whether it is for fuel or air-conditioning systems, Hutchinson is developing a new generation of flexible tubing that integrates barrier films that limit fluid evaporation into the atmosphere. Further research is being conducted for developing CO2-based air-conditioning systems.
Another trend that is gathering steam revolves around the increased temperatures and pressures due to supercharged motors.


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