Humanity Rising

About Humanity Rising

Humanity Rising is a Chicago based nonprofit organization that inspires and empowers students to make a positive difference in their communities, and awards college scholarships for outstanding service.

Over 30,000 students across the country have joined the Humanity Rising Movement. Our theme is "What Cause Inspires You?" and our social causes include Anti-Bullying, Hunger, Homelessness, Youth, Education, People with Disabilities, Health Care, Veterans, Animal Welfare and the Environment.

Humanity Rising serves as a turnkey social impact solution with many ways for companies and their employees to participate. We make it easy for individuals and organizations to help build the next generation of leaders and social innovators.


Corporate development intern

April 2020 Lake Zurich, IL
“I worked on a variety of projects alone and in teams! Every member of the organization has their own passion cause(s) and it is palpable. Additionally, I was exposed to so many incredible causes/stories.”
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