Got any advice for students with an upcoming phone or video interview, particularly for a position at Humana?

Be yourself. Humana likes to treat their patients as family. The more that the interviewer gets to know you, the more that they can see how you fit into the Humana family. If you're unsure about your work experience, that's okay too. Humana not only offers to train technicians over a 10 month per...
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What can I do to turn my internship at Humana into a full-time offer?

Tips on turning an internship into a full-time offer that I recommend are a) skill in communication, which means to talk with fellow interns and Humana employees/mentors in person, making yourself visible and available to help/take on work tasks and sound direction. Do not "hide" yourself through...
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What to expect from a day in the life of a corporate actuarial intern at Humana?

In this position, there is a lot of training of how to use mathematical models to forecast the insurance reserves for their different products. There is training and usage of SQL and SAS which allows the interns to practice their coding abilities as well. An incoming intern could expect to have ...
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As a corporate actuarial intern at Humana, what work-life balance expectations should I have?

Work-life balance is held in high regard at Humana, where hours are expected to remain less than or equal to 40 hours a week. You also get PTO days as an intern which accrues over time.
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Seeking tips for my interview to take on an item entry technician position at Humana. Are there certain qualities/experiences I should focus on?

I would highlight data entry experience and experience meeting quality and rate metrics. As an item Entry tech you are expected to enter prescription information into Humana’s system at a specific rate while making minimal errors. I would also highlight pharmacy experience or drug knowledge.
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Can somebody share what a day in the life of a pharmacy technician at Humana may be like?

I loved my job at Humana Pharmacy. There are several different departments you can work in as a technician, so it's nice because the Leaders help you grow as a person to. Depending on the department would depend on what your daily duties would be. However, if you're ever in a department that does...
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Do Humana pharmacy techs have much work-life balance and flexibility?

This depends on the area that you work in at Humana. In my department (Clinical Services) there would be times of mandatory overtime. Sometimes this would consist of working only 3 hours extra per week or even as much as 10. It just depends on the needs of the mail order system. Other departments...
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What to expect in terms of work ownership as an insurance agent at Humana?

I have complete ownership over my work. I have the flexibility to work as little or often as I would like. It has been very helpful to do work when works best for me because of school.
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What do you think of Humana's company culture?

Absolutely amazing, I have had a great experience working for Humana, strong "family" culture. Everyone is there to help everyone, a benefit for the whole company.
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Are there any mentorship programs available to Humana employees?

I'm not aware of a "mentorship program" but it is a very corporate culture that encourages every employee to grow and develop skills to move up or around the company. It's also filled with incredibly friendly coworkers and supervisors, and everyone is easily accessible. You can email or IM pretty...
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What do you think it takes to succeed as an employee at Humana?

Endurance (being patient and understanding when solutions do not work as intended), integrity (doing what you say you will do and keeping your word and action when no one is watching), attentiveness (listening, paying attention, discerning directions to make sound judgments, etc.), and character ...
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Can you share any of the behavioral questions that you were asked during your Humana interview?

The only question that I remember from my interviews at Humana was "What would you say is your biggest weakness?" I read a ton of sample interview questions and prepared appropriate answers to each, but when I was asked that question, I don't even recall what I said, but I remember that I went of...
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