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We are Honda. A company built on dreams and the determination to make them come true. Driven by our commitment to society and the planet, our work brings joy to customers and enhances mobility, as we work to help people everywhere expand their life's potential. Our products, from cars and trucks, to advanced light jets and other forms of mobility, reflect our belief that the purpose of technology is to help people.

Honda is constantly evolving toward a better tomorrow. Your diverse skills, passion, persistence, innovative mindset, and challenging spirit are needed to help Honda Bring the Future.

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Quality Engineer

May 2022 - August 2022 Marysville, OH
“Honda allowed me to use knowledge gained from university throughout my term while simultaneously encouraging me to pursue aspects of my field I am either unfamiliar or not confident in. My team was very inviting and they provided me with projects and daily tasks full time employees would take on. Also, the mentorship program at Honda has been a very pleasing experience.”

Aluminum Machining Co-op

May 2022 - August 2022 Anna, OH
“I loved my co-op experience with Honda. I was paired with a mentor who I was able to go to with any questions I had. We worked together with a tight-knit team of engineers on an engine block machining line. The work was exciting and fast paced, with new problems arising every day that needed engineering skills to require. Even though I was not familiar with many of the skills required for the job, I was able to learn quickly, and within a few weeks, I was able to work completely independently as a real asset to the team, making positive improvements to the line. Honda also offered a co-op career fair in the middle of my term in which all of the departments throughout Honda in America sent out fliers about their department and what roles they had available. We were able to pick five departments we had interest in, they were sent our resumes, and interviews were set up if there was mutual interest. This made it easy to move between departments between co-op terms if you want to. Honda also set up and paid for the majority of the rent for a nice apartment for me to live in during my term.”
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What are the expected compensation for the engineering departments at Honda?

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