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We are Honda. A company built on dreams and the determination to make them come true. Driven by our commitment to society and the planet, our work brings joy to customers and enhances mobility, as we work to help people everywhere expand their life's potential. Our products, from cars and trucks, to advanced light jets and other forms of mobility, reflect our belief that the purpose of technology is to help people.

Honda is constantly evolving toward a better tomorrow. Your diverse skills, passion, persistence, innovative mindset, and challenging spirit are needed to help Honda Bring the Future.

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Electrical Engineering Co-op

May 2022 - August 2022 Russells Point, OH
β€œI greatly enjoyed the variety of projects I was assigned and the fact that I almost never sat at my desk all day. The expectation in my department was to understand the problems we were presented with by observing and addressing them live on the factory floor. When it came to working on the projects, the work environment was generally hands-off, which allowed me to explore the problems at hand at my own pace. Also I was able to learn about important technologies and software that are used across the EE field and automotive industry without being under constant supervision. However, if I needed help, my mentor was always more than willing to point me in the right direction and provide valuable advice. Overall, it was an excellent and realistic look into the life of a full-time engineer.”

Digital Manufacturing Co-op

June 2023 - December 2023 Marysville, OH
β€œOn my first day in the department I was immediately in a meeting about ongoing projects with our counterparts in Japan. Being in a situation where I could land with my feet running and begin working on projects that will have an impact is an experience that is really unique. In my position, I have been able to work on both upcoming projects and models currently in production. In my division, we work in both preempted and reactive ways, so there is always work to be done.”
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Did you have a good work-life balance as an intern at Honda?

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What traits does Honda look for students looking to apply for a communications position?

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What are the expected compensation for the engineering departments at Honda?

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