Hildebrand Family Self Help Center, Inc.

About Hildebrand Family Self Help Center, Inc.

Hildebrand is one of the largest providers of services for families experiencing homelessness in the Metro Boston Area. Founded in 1988, Hildebrand is an independent 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that serves 300 homeless each year families in shelter, permanent housing and stabilization programs. Hildebrand operates over 126 units of emergency shelter via scattered sites and congregate living programs in several communities throughout the region; and owns three permanent housing buildings containing 11 units of housing. The organization impacts homelessness through intervention, training and prevention activities that lead to the placement of over 60 families each year into permanent housing.


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May 2021 - August 2021 Cambridge, MA
“It was a great learning experience, as I was exposed to many different kinds of roles at the company and was able to take some free trainings that provided valuable skills beyond what I was gaining from the internship. Moreover, everyone at Hildebrand was really supportive and constantly working together, which was a great atmosphere to work in! ”
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