Henry S. Jacobs Camp


June - July 2019 • Utica, MS

What I liked

I enjoyed working with my peers to create fun activities and programs for the campers to enjoy. This job helps you gain experience in leadership and allows you to work with people from all over the world. This job is not an ordinary job because you don't just have a 9-5 job. You basically work around the clock to make sure the campers are having a fun time and making meaningful memories. As a counselor you inspire kids to try out new activities and get them out of their comfort zone. I will always remember what this job did for me and how special Jacobs Camp is for the kids.

What I wish was different

This sounds cliché but I wished I reached out to more kids to make a difference in their lives. I went to this camp as a camper and I remember all my counselors who were either good or bad. I just wanted to help more campers grow to become a better person like I did when I was in their shoes.


One piece of advice that I would share with someone is to meet everyone at the camp. As I'm getting older, I am starting to realize that connections are very important. There are many people who work at this camp that may help you in the future. I would also say as a counselor to get out of your comfort zone. If you are acting goofy and having fun, the campers will also have fun.
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